The President of the Independent Christian Churches International/Ministry Launch, Gregory Holley, spoke on Intentional Blessings a few weeks ago. This leadership nugget is just for you, who like many others, want to create a 501 (c) 3 or be ordained and searched the web for an answer. 

The thoughts he was expressing were….

“A person must be intentional to receive support from God and man. To desire to do a good work is not enough. One must be intentional about their steps that lead to the formulation and subsequent fulfillment of a work that can be a blessing to the world at large by providing that which has been birthed in your heart.  

We can look no further that the very first miracle of Jesus.  He and his mother were at a party.  Yes, they were celebrating. But things went wrong for the host.  Have you ever had something going right but because of improper planning began to fall through? For this host embarrassment was close at hand. He had failed to intentionally project the attendance and the wine he had on hand ran out!

Fortunately the Mother of Jesus was in the room and had knowledge of the things Jesus could do in an embarrassing or unfruitful moment. She went to Jesus, who (perhaps like you) had never gone public with his ability to do great things in tight situations. At first He refused to help and then it happened…

He looked around the room and saw that the host had Ceremonial Pots. These were used for times when the Rabbi would come and bless children, weddings, festivals, rites and would have need of the pots to be filled with water for use.  The servants of the house were very used to a Rabbi giving orders to fill the pots with water.  

The intentional action of the Host to have ceremonial pots was to provide him with a miracle to supply the need he had so he could continue the party he had invited so many to. 

Jesus turned to the servants and asked them to fill the pots with water and bring them. History was made! Jesus blessed the pots and turned the waters into wine providing a clear path of blessings for the Host. The intentional early actions of the Host provided the pathway for the blessing to flow from God and Man to the need.

You need to be intentional about preparing the Pots that will be the vehicle of blessing. When you form corporations, receive 501 (c) 3 approval, open a bank account, form a board of directors you are preparing the pots that will be blessed with the fuel of your intentions.  Like the servants at the wedding, people in this day and age, give to that which is approved and ready for use. You can call them the Ceremonial Pots of the IRS.  

*Need property? it can be given to properly approved Ceremonial Pots! 

*Need finance for your humanitarian project? It can be given to properly approved Ceremonial Pots.

*Need a grant? It can be given to properly approved Ceremonial Pots.

All of this sits on a proper foundation you have created intentionally! Don’t Delay, Do Today!”

We can help you in the process of preparing your intentions to become miracles! 

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