There have been lot of changes continue to happen in Washington concerning the IRS and well meaning people. Some scary and some not so scary. But discerning the difference and how it affects you is often overwhelming. We can help you break out of the routine and with over 45 years of active 501(c)3  experience, Ministry Launch can  help.

Our offices can make sense of this maze of regulations concerning you and the IRS!

Did you know that the IRS recognizes the application you make to Ministry Launch for becoming a member just as they do the 152 page application you would have to provide them if you did it personally or through your own Lawyer? 

Did you know that with Ministry Launch it can take as little as 10 days to bring your unregistered ministry, ordination, church or religious not for profit into compliance and have you operating your own corporation with 501 (c) 3 designation by registering with Ministry Launch?

Let’s get your dream off the ground!

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